Image of 10COTEXAS - Discotexas 10 Year Anniversary Compilation 2xCD

10COTEXAS - Discotexas 10 Year Anniversary Compilation 2xCD

by Justin Faust
Mirror People
Da Chick
Throes + The Shine
and Bufi

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DOUBLE CD compilation.

2017 is an important year. It’s been ten years since Discotexas was formed by Moullinex and Xinobi.
We can’t find a better way to celebrate a decade of Discotexas than putting out a very special record. “10cotexas” is a compilation that captures our history and our eternal passion for music. It’s a memorable gathering of artists and some of their most important tracks. But it is also the perfect excuse to present some exclusive originals and a few unreleased rarities. We’re proud of it. It contains iconic originals and remixes by Moullinex, Xinobi, Da Chick, Kamp!, Rebeka, Mirror People or Psychemagik alongside a "hidden-for-ages-treasure" by Double Damage and the first original track by the Discotexas Band, an in-house band compromising Moullinex, Xinobi and Da Chick."

The Discotexas Band - Family Affair
Rebeka - Stars (Discotexas Version)
Moullinex - Take My Pain Away
Da Chick - Cocktail
Xinobi - Hawaii
Zimmer - Cruisin'
Throes + The Shine - Shake The Floor
Kamp! - Cairo (Moullinex Remix)
Justin Faust - Girl Talk
Lazydisco - More Tigers
Astrolabe - Cave Disco (Discotexas Edit)
Da Chick - Chick-A-Boom (Pete Herbert Remix)
Moullinex - Take A Chance (Satin Jackets Remix)

Mirror People - Kaleidoscope (Psychemagik Remix)
Xinobi - Puma
Bufi - Salvage
Antenna Happy - Memory Track
Jesse Oliver - Piece By Piece
Moullinex - Cant’s Stop (Miami Horror)
Jon Jury - Art Bucket (Xinobi Remix)
Justin Faust - Space Rhumba - Mercury Remix
Double Damage - São Paulo
Xinobi - (I Hate The Sound Of) Guitars