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XINOBI "1975" CD

by Xinobi

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"It was about time Xinobi released his debut album. Building his name on the back of successful singles like "Best of Me" (Work It Baby) or "Puma" (Discotexas), 1975 gets him ahead of his peers with an original way of making dance tracks you can actually listen to at home. 1975 is special. It's Xinobi's debut album and it pretty much summarizes his recent and diverse approach to music. It has organic house music and disco flavors mixed with a strong, yet idiosyncratic pop sensibility that stands out of what could be too obvious on a dance music-oriented record. For 54 minutes, you're driven by a simultaneously homogeneous and diverse collection of songs that range from contemplative intimate moments to memorable choruses that gather tons of people singing and clapping soulfully. It's a dissimulated, anthemic record, but it stands as much more than that. Imagine the roughness of Caribou merged with Ennio Morricone-ish ambiences; the fragmental DJ Koze deep trips with sunny Lisbon as a background; Spaghetti Disco or Supermax on Jamaican dub. Surf guitar and deep house. Simple and dense. Humble and nerdy. It's all of these glued onto a great combo in an intelligent and contemporary way."